Restarting More Often

(I started writing this post on October, obviously some things have changed)

Since my thesis defense is done and all the requirements for my bachelor degree is settled, now I am free from college activities. My graduation is still in November. Not that it means I do not have anything to do at all or I have not started preparing for what comes after this, but it just that I do not have anything binding me. I am free to do what I like, free to wake up and sleep at whatever time I want, free to go anywhere as long as I want, etc. Sometimes this unbound routine resulted in unhealthy habits.

Like my sleeping time. I do not have to come to any places at any certain time. I sleep whenever my brain tells me to do so.  I also stay up a lot, sometimes I feel more alert at midnight. The result is that I have very uncertain sleeping time, sometimes very bad one, like I get sleepy during the days and alert at night.

Then there are simple things like shower. Since a new water heater is installed at home, I always shower in warm water, even when I don't need to. Eventually I became very dependent to warm water, yeah, as in I cannot take a shower in cold water anymore. I actually got sick  a few times after showering in cold water! And I hate it 🙁 , it feels like I am a spoiled, have-lots-of-restriction girl. I like to be flexible instead. Like if one day I have to travel to limited access areas I would survive 😆

Thankfully sometimes I found "a way out". For example when my sleeping time gets so bad, I had to take my mom/dad to the airport early in the morning so I had to be up early and not going back to bed too soon. And when I started to become dependent to hot water shower, I traveled abroad, and felt hot when I came back so I prefered cold water shower instead 😆

However these kinds of "restart buttons" don't happen everyday like we want them to. We must force ourselves to get out of the unhealthy habits. The key to this restarting is always, always feel open to try something new, get out of your comfort zone. I like to have traveling as the best treatment. Even though traveling seems like just wasting time and money, somehow traveling takes yourself to a very strong concious state (?-I mean like you are ready for whatever happens) and feeling new rhythm. Well, it is certainly not that traveling is the only solution. I mean you can always invent your own restart button 😉 Simple things like visiting a friend (And I mean not just on Facebook obviously) will also be great for you. Remember that the bad habits may come back anytime, so we really really need to have the ability to restart a lot often.

Try something new, isn't that what makes you stay young?

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