Double Kill

(warning, this post is just to record my wandering thought, it's so raw and random)

Here is another wall paint ads


The technology is created by Lenkote, Australia. You sell the product AND plant in the culture (by putting a 'BULE' in the ads). Double kill.

Just imagine if Indonesia creates a product and also planting in the culture into the branding. Well, ok, today we will doubt that it's gonna sell succesfully. But let's talk about persistence.

Do you know about the Burberry Check? It's this pattern

Burberry Check

It's cute and elegant huh? This pattern was so popular until one day they decide to lower the price to penetrate more market. However, it became an association to hooligans and the market decreased fatally. But they don't change the pattern, they create better branding by making the garment expensive etc. And finally they're back on track. There's persistence. And oh, btw that pattern has an Irish identity in it.

All these things remind me of an article on the book 'On Islamic Civilization' by Unissula, particularly on the paper written by Azyumardi Azra "Reintegration of Sciences in Islam: Towards Rebuilding of Islamic Civilization'. Quoting

The nature of economy in most Muslim countries is, therefore, basically exractive or agricultural. Manufacturing that can produce a great deal of added values is only a minor part of the total economy of most Muslim countries.


This is the damn important stuff you need to conquer the world. How to shape people's values.

Oh and that article is sooo worth reading, it's eye opening. Slaps you in the face, talking about the state of education and mindset of Islamic countries today.

The book i'm talking about

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