Little Mosque on the Prairie

During high school, I watch movies and tv series with my friends. We rent or buy movies in a disk store or rental. Most of the time I return the disk late, and had to pay some fine. In college, I have my own laptop so I can watch anything anytime. In campus I can get access to the FTP that serves as the database for movies and tv shows. I also start downloading YouTube video when the network is not so crowded.

When I had a job, I need to watch tv show so much after work. A good entertainment was the cure to wind down after a long day. Living abroad by myself like now or a few years back, tv shows are so much important. They give my room sounds, so that I don't feel so alone. Sounds sad? Well, I'm not the homesick type that I want to stick with my family all the time. But I was brought up living with my family, always busy in the morning and at night. Yeah okay, I feel alone sometimes.

So that was how important tv shows was for me.

The thing is, when I was given the freedom of what I can watch, I hardly can go for something new. When I already like certain tv shows, I only watch those over and over again. It was different on the era of TV. I can end up watching something I didn't intend to. This was fun, I kinda miss it (though I also hate TV). Unlike now where I can't move on from that, that, and that tv series again and again.

In this post I want to talk about one of them, called Little Mosque on the Prairie. I love love it so much. Firstly, it is about Islam and how we are just like other human beings. Then it is a comedy. I didn't realise at first, but it was quite risky to make it a comedy for a religious theme. But that's where it clicks and works to deliver the message without the tension, defence, or preachy. The character were particularly awesome in delivering smart jokes.

But lately, yeah lately I have started watching them again, I like it because the setting was in a prairie. It feels like it was a happy place to be. There is not many thing you can do in a small town like Mercy, you bump into the same person all the time, but it sounds fun. You work for you and your community. Your community is you.

And and I am jealous they have so much time to bond, to play board games together, chit chat in Fatima's cafe, or hanging out in the mosque after dinner. And oh when the setting was in the prairie itself, they have so much sunlight and beautiful nature. I sometimes wish to live in small town like that.

But I think I am just having the winter gloom.

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  1. Aaa~ thanks for reminding me again about this TV series. Never watch it before, only knew the title. But after read your post, it makes me want to watch it :D. Sankyuuuu

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