I’m a lecturer at the Department of Management & Public Policy, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

I was previously lecturer in Information Systems, Universitas Telkom, and a product designer focused in research in Sale Stock Indonesia (now Sorabel). I did master degree in Universite Paris-Sud majoring in Human-Computer Interaction, minor in Entrepreneurship.

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Interests: Public Sector Innovation, Human-Computer Interaction, User Interface Design, Inclusive Design, Digital Governance, Entrepreneurship



  • Aug: My first book chapter titled "Antara Transformasi Digital dan Watak Pembuatan Kebijakan Publik: Mencari Titik Temu" (in english: Between Digital Transformation and the Shift of Character of Public Policy Making: Finding Common Ground) is going to be published soon in the book "Ilmu Sosial Politik Masa Depan: Menjawab Megashift" (in English: "The Future of Social Political Science: Answering Megashift?").
  • July: I gave a talk about "Big Data as an Alternative Data Source for Public Policy"

Projects with funding

Year Title Funding
2023 Development of the "Unitrend" Big Data Dashboard to Support Policy Formulation. Universitas Gadjah Mada
2023 Ensuring the Integrity of Electoral Democracy: Leveraging Big Data Analytics to Enhance Public Trust in Elections and Election Managers in Indonesia Faculty of Social and Political Science, UGM
2023 Formulation of a Policy Strategy to Improve the Institutional Capacity in 2023. External
2022 Alternative Policy Recommendations for the Indonesian Mental Revolution National Movement. External
2022 Study of Institutional Transformation of Indonesian Data Protection Authority External
2020 Redesigning Indonesia's Food and Drug Administration Website using Atomic Design External
2019 Design and Development of Student's Final Year Project System for Faculty of Industrial Engineering Telkom University
2019 Designing Indonesia's B2B Textile e-Marketplace (paper) External
2019 Design of e-Marketplace for Village-owned SME using Rapid Application Development (paper) Telkom University

Students projects I supervise

Year Title Type
2021 Web Accessibility Investigation and Improvements for Older Users (paper) Bachelor Thesis
2020 The Integration of Bridge Health Monitoring System with Traffic Monitoring System (paper) Bachelor Thesis
2020 User Interface Design of P2P Lending Mobile Application using Design Thinking (paper) Bachelor Thesis
2020 Web Accessibility Investigation and Improvements for Low Vision Users Bachelor Thesis
2020 Tanya.in: Bersama Selektif Menyaring Informasi Student Competition


Year Type Title
2015 Master Thesis Listening and Interacting with Music Pattern through a Tangible Interface
2012 Bachelor Thesis Student Modeling using Case-Based Reasoning in Conventional Learning System (paper)


  • 2021; Mentor for Girls Force Telkom University
  • 2020-2021; Head of Enterprise System Development Research Lab
  • 2019-2020; PIC for International Program in Information Systems
  • 2017, 2018; Lead Design Mentor for Bekup
  • 2017; Lead Design Mentor for DILoPad
  • 2017-2019; Design Mentor for Gerakan Nasional 1000 StartUp Digital


  • Genap 21/22: Quantitative Methods, Digital Governance, Public Sector Innovation
  • Ganjil 21/22: Prototype Design (WRAP Entrepreneurship), Interaction Design
  • Genap 20/21: Interaction Design, User Experience Design
  • Genap 19/20: Interaction Design, Digital Marketing
  • Ganjil 19/20: Web Application Development, Digital Marketing
  • Genap 1819: Interaction Design, Digital Marketing
  • Ganjil 1819 ISH4J3 Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Web Application Development