Shared Services in Public Sector (ongoing)

2023-2024. Research. Funding: LPDP Rispro

In the context of supporting New Ways of Working, organisation is urged to reform its support system. Shared services centers provide a more efficient support, so that units can focus in their expertises.

Unitrend: A News Media Monitoring Tool

2023. Research, publication, intellectual property. Funding: Young Lecturer Research Grant Universitas Gadjah Mada

A tool to monitor Indonesian mainstream media. Empowered by NLP, Unitrend can extract relevant information to monitor change, trends and impacts decision maker should be aware of.

Antara Transformasi Digital dan Watak Pembuatan Kebijakan Publik: Mencari Titik Temu

2023. Book Chapter.

Mapping Actors, Strategies and Consequences related to 2024 Upcoming Election Issues through the use of Big Data Analysis

2023-2024. Research. Funding: Triple Helix Fisipol UGM


Accessibility Evaluation of Telemedicine System in Older Adult User: A Case Study

2021. Publication.

Improving Usability of Telkom University Open Library Website using User-centered Design Method

2021. Publication.