Alvi Syahrina

I’m a lecturer at the Department of Management & Public Policy, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

I was previously lecturer in Information Systems, Universitas Telkom, and a product designer focused in research in Sale Stock Indonesia (now Sorabel). I did master degree in Universite Paris-Sud majoring in Human-Computer Interaction, minor in Entrepreneurship.

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  • Jan-Feb: I have been selected to join Early Academics Sabbatical program, and will spend 3 weeks in Flinders University, Australia.


  • Nov: Our research proposal “Revisiting ways of work: Merumuskan Cara Kerja Masa Depan di Organisasi Sektor Publik” got funded from LPDP Rispro🥳
  • Nov: I gave a talk in Bawaslu DIY (Election Supervisory Body of Yogyakarta) about “Urgency of developing Information Technology to Support Electronic Based Government Systems
  • Aug: My first book chapter titled “Antara Transformasi Digital dan Watak Pembuatan Kebijakan Publik: Mencari Titik Temu” (in english: Between Digital Transformation and the Shift of Character of Public Policy Making: Finding Common Ground) is published in the book “Ilmu Sosial Politik Masa Depan: Menjawab Megashift” (in English: “The Future of Social Political Science: Answering Megashift?”). See the product information here.
  • July: I gave a talk about “Big Data as an Alternative Data Source for Public Policy”