menjelang ujian kewarganegaraan

syumuk,,,knapa aku kringetan mulu ya
mandi aja kringetan,,,duduk ae netes2 peluh

menjelang ujian kewarganegaraan ki
definisi negara,sifat negara, warganegara, hukum kwarganegaraan, bangsa, kbangsaan, bangsa indonesia, wawasan nusantara, ma geopolitik
dirikyu berusaha keras menghafalnya (iya po?padahal mung karo teturon)

but then i chatted with cangpo n he asked whether i had read the last handout Mr Armaidy gave us. no i haven’t read that yet. i suck at reading newspapers, the language is “too good” that i couldnt catch the meaning.
and then i put up a status message in my YM “kelemahan dari dulu: gak bisa baca koran pake basa inggris,, ayo brantaskan!!” and i really mean it. so i read the material

its about how foreign auto market in Korea dont sell as much as the local ones. Koreans even harassed foreign car out there and so is the people who bought it. tracing back to history, when Asia is on crisis, Koreans have blamed on the imported goods. they have the perception that buying imported goods is bad for the nation’s economy. then they took a way to stop buying imported stuff. they even dont buy Japanese things (especially cars) because of Japanese occupation during World War II. is this some kind of revenge? it’s smart i think. today is Korean economy are in their downs? no. regulations for the foreign country to sell here are changed continuously, the foreign market are easier to sell here. but…

It is easy to change regulations and tax system. But changing a culture or mind-set is not. (Son Eul Rae, Mercedes dealer)

Indonesia have been occupied too but i have not heard that buying Japanese-made goods has not stopped or decreased in our country.


Seoul is increasingly focusing its reform efforts on informal, cultural barriers.

damn, but i hate the last part of the article.

if you cant sell to Koreans, buy their car companies


and seen on a little Ford shop in Korea, where the shop is very very empty of customers, Jeon, the salesman said one thing that causes it all that Koreans have…



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