It’s All About Process

group assignment. what do you think?
for me, honestly, having a group assignment in university is not as easy as in high school. in high school the teacher surely will give us time during the lesson to have a discussion, do some research together, etc. but in university lecturers simply give the instruction and leave everything up to us.
then everything is not as easy as it seems. we are trying to combine ideas from all the members, sometimes ideas we’re not yet understand of. then make the best timing to have discussions outside class.
here are some classic troublesome problems:

1) only a few people who really works. the others disappeared.

the other members probably don’t take things seriously, they never come to the discussion with various reasons. i think one reason this could happen if the person doesn’t feel comfortable enough with the other member. but surely when they are responsible, they will have the will to have themselves a little flexible to get to know the other member better. so no matter whom they are working with, they should be able to adapt. this will help us a lot in the future, when the surroundings in our workplace is unpredictable. and so being the “other member” we should be open and fair, we can’t just work with the people we are close to. everyone should take part.
so it’s all about process, getting to know the people you are working with, and not being pessimistic with the topic or the group.

2) one or two person are dominating.
(damn, i don’t like this one. i will feel very insulted, coz they’ve underestimated me! and that’s one of the things i really hate!ok, calm down now)

some people feel they must have perfect mark for the assignment. they do so much, they took the majority of the task and leave the little things to the others. even sometimes they do everything by themselves! for this case i think this type of person is the impatient one, and don’t really like having themselves in long, no ending discussion. also they feel that it’s better for them if they do the assignment alone. i think this is unfair to the other member. sometimes they felt that they are able to contribute, but disappointed knowing it’s been done. some people might be happy about it, because they don’t have to work hard. but then if we don’t contribute, we will get nothing about it, making no progress for ourselves. and i believe that’s not the point of having group assignment.
again it’s all about process. maybe we should try to communicate better with the group when you feel that they should work faster or harder. you should leave the option of doing the task alone to the very lowest priority. try while you can.

having the great process, good teamwork and best result is the ultimate.
but put process first!


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