Unperfect Layout

The rounded blue layout that comes from a wordpress theme now can be installed in Blogger. This was a good news to me, who fell in love with the theme but couldn’t install the theme cause have not host my own site. So when I found the theme in Blogger I install it straight away and switch my blog to Blogger, that’s a goodbye to MP and WP, even though I still import my posts to both Blogs.

Some of my posts were quite long, then I noticed the first weakness of the layout. When the post is long some of the white background failed to appear (or something else?). It doesn’t look good because it makes a gap that is quite large.

Then when I scrolled down my blog, I realized there is no next or older posts button. Those buttons only appears when a post is opened on it’s own page..

I thought that only happen to my blog. But today i checked some other blog with the same theme in Blogger, they have the same problem.

Hmm,, dissatisfaction here. No solution, just a feedback to the developers. Chayo!

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