Tiga Pikiranku Saat Ini

1) UAS
2) Brainstorming tentang bisnis yang udah hidup lagi
3) Liburan

Nah Nahhhhhhhhh,,,
yang ketiga tuuuuuuh yang paling banyak menyita waktuku
syndrom UAS emang, kalo lagi jenuh belajar kadang suka daydreaming. dan biasanya daydreaming ku tentang mo ngapain yaaa liburan nanti.
pengennya sih melancong.
yeah aku tu pengen banget pergi jauh. tanpa ortu. menikmati urip, mandiri gitu. yahh kadang aku iri ma yang bisa ngekos. dengan segala perjuangannya dalam hidup mandiri. kadang susah, sedih kan.
pernah juga iri ama wartawan. yang emang kerjaannya kemana-mana. gak bisa stay in one place. enak? jalan-jalan? hepi2? tidur nyenyak? nggak seh.
but there are little things called happiness (just watched “pursuit of happiness”, heehee)

*menyadari bahwa harus mencoba ngeblog pake bahasa Inggris, langsung melakukan switching language :p*

so then i had a few things planned out. my family has plans to go out of the city. then i found some interesting holiday trip that i would like to join. my campus friends also offered some trekking trip. but one by one the plans should be crossed out from the schedule with many reasons.
should i forget about travelling? or should i make a new plan trip?
well, i will be in some duty for last days of june. so i should have plans when i’m staying at home too. hehe.

so, all im saying is,
i want to go travelling!!!:((

sorry im not mentioning the details here, bcoz it will make me break down again :p

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