a new day has come


hey guys and blogs. blogs? yea, coz there are more than one blog this article will be posted. I have blogs in blogspot, wordpress and multiply, so I had to set them to import my posts from blogspot. hhehe.. and thanx to flock, the lovely mighty browser, blogging, uploading, so on now is made easier.. mwax

well this time i just want to get the blogs up to date on what i am currently doing.
in the middle of july i was quite devastated coz i havent got a thing to do, just hanging about the house, procrastinating (trying to get used to that word, hehe dodol), nyuci,facebook,ngepel ,nyetlika, ngumbahi (opo bedane karo nyuci?), facebook meneh. get quite bored sometimes with the routine. only facebook that can give me some entertainment. hahahah
but now, I have a few things in mind. been recruited into a few event committee. the biggest one is green computing. I was given the opportunity to become the secretary by mas dityo. hoho. been quite busy. it has just progressed very little. baru bikin proposal, publikasi, undangan. heh. that makes me hanging out in KMTE much more. hags. ngenet, ngeprint, nganggur, mumet, lha si printere ngegemesin banget. sitik2 macet, restart, buang2 kertas, diseneni kepala rumah tangga nya KMTE,, heuu sori mas hud!

yeah so that’s my green computing business, moga aja besok eventnya terlaksana dengan lancar. coz jane sok2 aku di tengah jalan itu suka bingung sendiri. harus ngapain. yahhh sekre amatiran ceritanya. hehehekhuek..

whats next? oiah, i am currently re-doing my courses yang nilainya sangat menyehatkan dan bisa mencegah sariawan, alias C. (alhamdulillah blum pernah dapet D,, smoga ndaaakk,, amiiin!) and next week we are starting the exam. doakan ya.

gimana EP? insyaAllah minggu depan lagi pengen bikin new experience. Pengen jualan jus. hakhak. in this case i really felt i have to use my management skill. money, time, and human management. semangat pi!

it’s now august. the month of Indonesian independence day. so bakalan ada kerjaan di RT nanti. I hope they will hold volleyball match again,,, I havent played for a long long looooooooooooong time. hiks.

and on september will be the holy fasting month Ramadan! yay! hayo pi, udah lunas blom utangnya? hehehe,,
oya at the end of august will be held research week. jaga stand gitu. cari duit lah gw, hkhk

n now for some good news.

gokiiil gokiiil. alhamdulillah. padahal ngerjainnya untung2an.
yah begitulah sampai pada masanya nanti aku akan ndobel kuliah:)
which i think I need it soo much, judging by my decreasing english quality. hek. thanks dad n mom, you really know what i need most:-*

sok sibuk

my latest pic!during a meeting in MIC,halah gayane!

till then,

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    habis Gelap terbitlah go[blog]

    sinau ndud…

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