mimpi aneh

ini cerita tentang mimpi aneh semalem, silahkan ketawa (jangan terlalu evil tapi) soalnya aneeeeeeh banget

so i was bella swan (or someone else in position of bella swan) and i was giving birth to renesmee (or someone else in position of renesmee and it was my child). and so renesmee was not like any kind of baby-born,, she was kind of hyperactive especially when i tried to *coughs* breastfeed her

and then blur (something happened actually, but not clear enough to tell)

renesmee was grown up, then we had some kind of fight, and the whole cullen family was involved, even renesmee. and so we had to separate and hunt something (it wasnt clear what, but it’s like killing chickens who hides under the bed with some garlic, hoho) I was separated from edward. after a long day fight, then i just get a chance to talk to him,, (so nice to have someone to talk to, and to comfort you *here goes the lover desperation* argh, it was just so good)

and then we got separated again hiks, i was caught by some werewolves and i was turned into one of them!!! and then when i got to see edward again he was furious. i told him i still love him. edward didnt say anything but alice said if I need to prove myself by deciding does his shirt looks good and why (dang! it was so silly to write it here but in the dream it was kind of dramatic,, hehe)

and then i was on my own trying to work it out,, and then i ran into some saviors (people who protect humans from werewolves and they have some spells from the bible to kill werewolves) and then i was trapped in a cafe, with other werewolves who just pretended to be human. but the saviors knew a way to figure us out, when they were trying to do it,, i woke up,, hahahahah

silly story, but the best bit was when i talk to edward, and knowing he was for me,, so lovely *jomblo desperation again* LOL


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